Several kinds of labor protection shoes
(1) Insulated shoes.
The function of insulated shoes is to minimize the risk of electric shock. Because the current flows into the ground through the human body through the contact point during electric shock, not only insulated gloves but also insulated shoes should be worn during electrical operation. According to the withstand voltage range, there are 20kV, 6kV and 5kV insulating shoes, which must be selected according to the operation range. Insulating shoes should be inspected and maintained frequently. If they are damp or seriously worn, they cannot play a protective role.
(2) Safety shoes.
Safety shoes, also known as toe protection and anti smashing shoes, are mainly used to prevent objects from damaging the foot surface and toes. For example, when carrying heavy objects or loading and unloading materials, rolling drums, heavy pipes touch feet or accidentally kick sharp metal plates, etc. The front Baotou of shoes is lined with metal materials with good impact resistance, high strength and light weight. Its strength and impact resistance must be tested and can be used only when it meets the specified standards. Pay attention to choose safety shoes of different strength according to the weight of the operation.
(3) Antistatic and conductive shoes.
Anti static shoes are suitable for preventing accidents caused by static electricity on human body and accidental electric shock to human body caused by 220V power frequency capacitor equipment. Conductive shoes are used in places where fire or explosion may occur that are more sensitive to human static electricity. Some of these shoes are safety shoes and rubber shoes. They are equipped with anti-static or conductive soles. The whole shoe does not use metal to reduce the possibility of friction and fire. Shoes should be tested for resistance from the beginning of use. Then, it shall be tested regularly to ensure that the maximum resistance value of the shoes does not exceed the allowable value.
(4) Steel making shoes